Voice Typing Is A Great Feature in Google Docs- Here Is How to Use It

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There are several speech to text extensions that allow you to type with your voice in a Google document  (e.g Speech Recognition, Voice Recognition). However, Google Docs itself has a powerful integrated functionality called Voice Typing which is overlooked by many users. For now, Voice typing in Google Docs is only available on computers and only in Chrome browsers.

 Some excellent features provided by Voice Typing include the ability to correct mistakes while voice typing without having to turn off the microphone. You simply click on the mistake and fix it. To continue voice typing you need to bring back your cursor to where you left off. As you voice type , you will also notice some words shaded in grey, right-clicking on any of these words will bring up a list of suggestions to choose from. Additionally, Google Docs Voice Typing allows you to add punctuation to your text using phrases and voice commands such as :’period’, ‘comma’, ‘exclamation mark’, ‘new line’, ‘new paragraph’. However, this punctuation feature is only supported in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Russian.

Here is how you can speak text in a Google document using Voice Typing.

1- Make sure you have a working microphone
2-Open a Google document in your Chrome browser
3-Click the Tools menu > Voice typing.

4-A pop-up microphone box will appear. When you are ready to speak your text, click the microphone or press Ctrl + Shift + S (Cmd + Shift + S on a Mac) on your keyboard.
5-Speak your text clearly, at a normal volume and pace.

6-When you're finished, click the microphone again.

Watch the video below to see Voice Typing in action