Two Handy Twitter Tools to Use in Your Google Drive

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The growing importance of Twitter as an academic and professional development platform for teachers, educators and student researchers is highlighted in educational and pedagogical literature out there. We have repeatedly talked about the educational potential of this micro-blogging platform in several of our previous posts and today we are adding more to this discussion by sharing with you two interesting Twitter tools to use in your Google Drive. These add-ons, developed by Labnol , will particularly enable you to automatically archive tweets related to a specific keyword or hashtag, search for tweets right in your Google documents and leverage the power of Twitter in your research papers.

1- Twitter Archiver 
Twitter Archiver is a good add-on that allows you to archive tweets related to a specific search query or a keyword. Twitter Archiver aggregates all related tweets in a Google Sheet that is automatically updated. 'You can write simple queries, use boolean search or include advanced Twitter search operators to create more complex queries.Twitter Archiver can be used for saving tweets around trending hashtags, conference tweets, your brand mentions, geo-tagged tweets, and more. It polls twitter every hour and pulls all the matching tweets into he Google Spreadsheet.’ Watch the video below to learn more about Twitter Archiver

2- Twitter Curator
Twitter Curator is another excellent add-on to use on your Google Docs. It allows you to conduct quick Twitter searches and save tweets right inside your Google document. This is especially helpful for students working on a research paper requiring citation from Twitter. "To get started, sign-in with your existing Twitter account and allow the app to connect to your Twitter account. It uses the API to only fetch tweets around your search queries but it will never post tweets to your Twitter account. Next enter your search query and it will show the most recent tweets around that topic. Click a tweet to add it to the Google Document. You can search for hash tags, @mentions and all the other Twitter search operators." Watch the video below to learn more about Twitter Curator.