Testmoz- A Great Tool for Creating Automatically Graded Quizzes

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Testmoz is an excellent web tool that allows you to create auto graded tests and quizzes. This application is designed by Matt Johnson, an undergraduate student at Washington State University, Vancouver. Testmoz supports different question types including fill in the blank, matching, ordering, short answer, numeric, essay, true/false, and more. You can also upload pre-made questions or import them from other tests. Your quizzes can include different elements including videos, images, math equations, etc. 


You can also add explanations to your questions, customize the message you want your students to read when they finish their test, and add notes. Use the Randomize feature to both shuffle questions for every student and to randomize the order of answer choices in a question. Use the Pin feature to  keep given questions or answers in their place while the rest are randomized. 

Quizzes you create on Testmoz can be customized to your teaching needs. You can set a time limit for students, limit the number of times students can take your quiz, set open or close dates for the test, and more. Once the quiz is ready you can publish and share it with your students. Each test you create has a unique URL that you can share with students or embed in your classroom website or blog.

Testmoz also provides detailed reports so you can analyze students scores and responses. Other scoring features provided by Testmoz include the ability to give partial credit, penalize false answers, re-grade questions, manually adjust scores, leave feedback on the test results, easily review scores and test stats, and more. 

When students turn in test results, you can export these results to CSV, sort and tag them for easy access, group results by student 'and display their minimum, maximum, first or last score, or you can print them in bulk. Password Protection is another excellent feature in Testmoz. It allows you to lock your test using a password so only those with the password can access it. 

How to create a quiz in Testmoz?

To create a quiz on Testmoz, click on ‘Build a Test’ button in home page. Type in your name and provide a password for your test. As you get to the test control panel, you will be able to adjust the settings of your test (e.g change the quiz name, description and what happens when the quiz is graded); add questions and when you are done click on publish to share your test.

How much does Testmoz cost?

The free version of Testmoz allows you to create and share basic tests for free. However, free users are limited to  50 questions and 100 results per test. Also, several quiz features are only available to premium users. Pro version costs $50 per year. 'School teachers qualify for a 50% discount.

Similar Tools

Similar quiz making tools include; Quizalize, Quizizz, Riddle, and Quizlet.