An Excellent Tool to Create Jeopardy Games to Use with Students in Class

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JeopardyLabs is an excellent web tool that allows you to easily create jeopardy games without using PowerPoint templates. The process is very simple and does not require any fees, registration or software download. To create a Jeopardy template, click on “ Start Building” button in the home page. Type in a password for your template so you will be able to edit it later on. Next, use the editor to customize your template the way you want. See the video below to learn more about how to build a jeopardy template from scratch.

Alternatively, you can search for templates created by other users and download them to use for your own purposes. Just click on ‘Start browsing’ button, type in a search word and there you go. JeopardyLabs is free to use, however, members ($20 for a lifetime membership) have access to more features (e.g a fancy template manager, privacy control, delete control, a public list of all your templates…etc).

Watch this excellent tutorial from Tara Linney to learn more about how to create a jeopardy game using JeopardyLabs.