3 Great Educational iPad Apps Free Today

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December  5, 2015
This week’s apps gone free  series features three  interesting educational apps to try out. These apps are free for a limited period of time. The first app in the list is an excellent presentation app that allows you to play interactive presentations on your iPad. The second app is especially designed to help kids develop their spelling skills. The last one is  a text editor that provides writers with a number of powerful features including synonyms, antonyms and phraseology. 

‘Presentation Link is a powerful tool to show interactive presentations on your iPad: Import existing presentations as a pdf or images, integrate videos and set hyperlinks for a truly touch-enabled, mobile presentation experience…The app also works great with extremely large presentations or high resolution images and videos. Smart rendering ensures that slides are always at your fingertips when you need them, not a second later. Presentations and videos can be stored locally without the need for an internet connection.’

‘Are you reading for a spelling adventure? Do you think you have what it takes to survive the challenge? Then Spell ‘til You Drop is for you! In McGraw-Hill’s Spell ‘till You Drop game you will encounter over 600 words. Players choose a level, listen to a word, and attempt to spell the word. Get it right, and move on. Miss too many words, and watch your intrepid explorer drop from the bridge.’

WriteRight is a good text editor that offers you a number of synonyms, antonyms and phraseology. Some of its features are: it  recognizes conjugated words, either feminine or plural, or in different tenses and persons in the case of verbs; replaces words with their conjugated synonym counterparts, matching gender and number, person and tense and many more.

Source: Apps Gone Free