Some Very Good Tools and Apps for Creating Educational Comics to Use in Class

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November 19, 2015
Using comics in your instruction can be a great way to engage students in learning activities and boost their motivation. There is a wide variety of web-based tools and mobiles apps that make comics creation a simple and easy drag and drop process. Students can use them to unleash their imaginative potential and experiment with a number of various multimodal creative activities. In today’s post, we are sharing with you some examples of web tools and apps you can use with your students in class to create beautiful educational comics.

I. Web-based Tools for Creating Comic Strips

1- Make Beliefs Comix

This is a great platform that students can use to practice their writing through generating strip comics. Students are provided with a wide variety of characters, objects, speech bubbles, and thought cubes to use to create their stories. After they are done they can download, print or share their work through popular social media websites.

2- Storyboardthat

StoryboardThat is another good option for creating comic strips for students. It does provide a wide variety of services and options for students to tinker with when creating their comics but this comes at a price that is almost 6 dollars a month. The free version gives you only 14 days trial and does not allow you to upload your own images to use in comics.

3- Comic Master

Comic Master provides students with a rich library of backgrounds and characters that they can use to create comic books and graphic novels. These comics can be shared for free with friends and  on social media websites.

4- Chogger

Chogger provides you with a comic builder that allows you to draw your own comics, caption photos, take webcam pictures and add speech balloons. Read, rate, and comment on comics made by people from all around the world.

Witty Comics is a simple to use web tool for students to generate comic dialogues. A set of Pre-drawn background scenes and characters are already provided and students will only select the ones they want to feature in their comics.

II. iPad Apps for Creating comic Strips

1- Strip Designer

'Select one of the many included page templates. Insert photos into the cells. Add a couple of balloons with fun words. Add additional effect symbols (stickers) like "Boom", "Splash", or "Bang" to spice up the story. When you are happy with your new graphic novel, share it with friends and family.'

2- Comic book

'Realistic comic styling with a wide selection of: image filters, comic fonts, customizable captions, a library of classic comic graphics and dozens of multi-panel page layouts.'

3- Comics Head

'The App is an easy to use self publishing tool and can be used to create storyboards, fun stuff, even business presentation or art! If you have an idea you can instantly create visually interesting content on the go. Get started quickly by choosing from our many templates and inbuilt art assets. Go viral with your ideas by sharing on Facebook, Twitter or email. You can also print them using AirPrint!'

4- Comic Life

'Comic Life, the award winning photo comic creation software, has been redesigned for iOS. It’s the funnest, easiest and fastest way ever to create photo comics on a mobile device. Your comics come to life with our integrated reader on brilliant iOS displays. Easily go from taking photos to creating full comics all on one device with full page templates and panel layouts. Bring in photos from Photobooth or your library, and use our powerful editing and design tools to get exactly the look you want.'

5- Moodboard Lite

'Moodboard Lite is the free version of the bestselling app for creating mood and inspiration boards on your iPad. Each board is a blank canvas for organizing the things that inspire you. Add photos, text, color swatches, and special elements to your boards, then share them with friends and colleagues, anywhere, anytime.'

6- My Sketch

My Sketch is The Best sketch maker with more than 10 million amazing users! Some of the features it has include:
  • Turn your photos to Beautiful Realistic Sketch 
  • Create unlimited sketches
  • High Resolution
  • Photos can be taken directly from Camera or Photo Album
  • Choose 20 different type of Sketches
  • Adjustment of Brightness and Contrast to achieve the best Sketch Results
  • Sharing via Facebook,Twitter, Tumblr,Flickr and E-mail

7- Art Studio

ArtStudio is the most comprehensive, sketching, painting and photo editing tool in the App Store. Completely re-designed from the ground up the new ArtStudio features a beautiful new user interface and a powerful new graphics engine to make creating works of art faster, easier, and more fun!

III. Android Apps  for Creating comic Strips

1- Comic Strip It (Lite)

“With Comic Strip It you can make compelling comic strips and story boards instantly, wherever you go.Use images from your gallery or take new photos directly into your comic strip, then position, resize, and rotate each frame. Add captions, titles, speech bubbles and more. Apply image effects to each frame to create a comic-book feel, then share via all your social platforms.”

2- Bitsrtips

Bootstraps allows you to turn yourself into an expressive cartoon character. You can Choose from thousands of customizable scenes, plus new ones daily and add photo backgrounds to your comics and make the possibilities truly endless.

3- Comic Puppets Lite

“Comic Puppets Lite provides all the tools to better express your creativity.
Join the community of "comicpuppeteers" too, uses the vast gallery of characters and backgrounds or create new personalized with your photos.“

4- Comic & Meme Creator

‘Comic & Meme Creator Includes favorite super heroes and villains like Spiderman, Ironman, Captain America, Hulk, Wolverine, Batman, Dr.Doom etc. Includes Street Fighter characters like Ken, Zangief, Bison etc. Also includes cartoon characters like Simpsons, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny etc. and lots of custom characters and objects. You can challenge your creativity and compose hilarious comics.’