Offers Great Coding Games and Tutorials for Kids

Share this post: offers some great free courses created by to help students learn coding. I spent some time going through the different tutorials provided there and found them really helpful especially for beginners starting to learn the basics of coding and computer science.

These can be great resources to use in class to introduce students to the world of programming. These tutorials include  interactive games and puzzles that walk learners through the different processes of using codes creatively.  Here are some examples :

In this game, learners use code to join Anna and Elsa as they explore the magic and beauty of ice. They create snowflakes and patterns as they ice skate and make a winter wonderland that they can then share with their friends. In so doing, students get to learn the basics of how to code.

Infinity Play Lab
Students use Play Lab to create a story or game starring Disney Infinity characters.

Flappy Code
Using Flappy Code tutorial, students will get to learn how to write their own game in less than 10 minutes.

Coding is a key 21st century skill necessary for thriving in a knowledge based economy. Learning coding, as the popular adage has it, is akin to learning a new language, they are better done at a younger age.

As kids learn coding, they also develop a number of other important skills that help them in their overall learning. These include critical thinking, design thinking, decision making, systems thinking, logical reasoning, problem solving, among others. is definitely a great resource to use with students and kids at home or at school to introduce them to the foundational concepts of coding and help them become better coders. But there are also other equally important resources to use in this regard.  

I have already reviewed several of these resources including coding websites, coding apps, books on coding, coding games and more. Check them out and share with us your suggestions.