Smart Reply Is A New Interesting Feature for Google's Inbox App

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November 5, 2015
Smart Reply is a new interesting feature for Google’s Inbox app. It provides automated replies for incoming emails. Using a complex algorithm of machine learning, Smart Reply will do a quick analysis of the content of emails and suggest few responses that you can choose to use in your replies. If you are like us and always lagging behind in your email replies, Smart Reply can save you some precious time and help you get back to your emailers quickly.

The suggested responses you get from Smart Reply vary according to the content of the emails. “For those emails that only need a quick response, it can take care of the thinking and save precious time spent typing. And for those emails that require a bit more thought, it gives you a jump start so you can respond right away.”

Smart Reply will be released  sometime this week and will be available on both Google Play and the app Store.