Here Is A Great Tool for Taking Notes on Any Webpage

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November 19, 2015
Note Anywhere is a great note taking tool to use on your browser. It is not as powerful as Evernote or Google Keep but this Chrome app has some interesting distinctive features. It allows you to easily make notes anywhere  on a webpage. And even when you close the webpage and come back to it the notes load automatically. This is definitely a great tool for annotating content you curate online.

You can make as many notes as you want on a webpage and still be able to access them all from a single page. All notes can be easily moved by a simple  drag and drop and changes are saved in real time. You can also customize your notes the way you desire: change the background colour, text colour, text size and font. Another great feature from Note Anywhere is the ‘Notes Summary’ which displays a short overview of all the notes you have made so far. To delete any note, you just hover your mouse over it and click the ‘delete’ button.  Give Note Anywhere a try and share with us what you think of it. Enjoy