Explore The Educational Potential of Wikipedia with These Excellent Extensions

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November 26, 2015
Wikipedia is absolutely an invaluable source of information and represents the epitome of a democratized ‘digital knowledge society’ where every individual has their share in knowledge construction. As we have always argued here, the educational strength of wikipedia lies in its referencing capabilities in that it provides learners with important links to start off their research journey. While students are always required to use their discretion when reading different edits on Wikipedia, the reference sections prove to be so helpful in directing students towards key works and reads to build their lead.

To help students make the best of their wikipedia browsing, we have curated the list below comprising some very good Chrome extensions to use on Wikipedia. Check them out and see which ones stand out for you. Enjoy

1- Wikipedia Search

‘Wikipedia Search allows you to type the word 'wiki' into your browser's search bar, press the space key, and search for an article on Wikipedia. You can also select any word or phrase on the web, right-click, and search it in Wikipedia.’

2- Wikiwand

‘Wikiwand is a new award-winning interface that optimizes Wikipedia's amazing content for a quicker and significantly improved reading experience. Some of its features include: New clean layout for optimal readability, great modern typography, convenient fixed table-of-contents, quick preview when hovering over links, multi-language search with thumbnails’

3- Wikipedia Quick Hints

‘Now with Wikipedia Quick Hints getting definitions of unknown terms has become as simple as just hovering the cursor over a respective link. The definition pops up automatically. Images zooming is another useful feature of the extension.’