A Must Have Bibliography and Citation Maker for Student Researchers

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Writinghouse is an excellent free bibliography and citation maker. It allows you to automatically generate citations in various referencing styles including: MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard. We have been experimenting with it for awhile and found it really worth the shout-out here.

Besides the citation and bibliography features, Writinghouse also offers other interesting tools to help students with their writing process. For instance, the Word Counter is a great way to keep track of the number of words you have written in an essay. There is also a section in this website featuring some good  resources to help you  learn more about the concept of bibliography and how to create one using different styles.

There are two ways you can create citations in Writinghouse: The first one is  manual where you get to choose the source you want to cite (e.g book, encyclopedia or dictionary, magazine or newspaper, journal article, biblical, website, or online journal) then you type in its corresponding info such as title, edition, place and year of publication etc. The second way is automatic and consists of using the search functionality provided by WorldCat. You simply type in title of the book, author or any other key word and choose the citation style from the drop-down menu and hit search. Writinghouse will conduct a quick search and provide you with the relevant results. We have tried this search tool several times and it was so far accurate. For instance, we searched for James Paul Gee's book 'What Video Games have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy' and here is what we got:

Once your bibliography is compiled you can then download a copy to keep with you.