8 New Educational Web Tools and Apps for Teachers

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November 9, 2015
New EdTech Tools series is back to you with this collection of educational websites and mobile apps to be featured in our blog for the first time. Here is a quick overview of what these tools have to offer you: get help with Math homework, access a powerful triangle calculator,  edit and customize your PDFs the way you desire, use primary and secondary sources to build students literacy and historical thinking skills,  convert maps into images and many more.

1-Exampl : Get unstuck with homework

'Get instant homework help with Exampl! Take a photo of your problem to get help from your peers. You can even annotate your question, add a voice note, and tag it with a specific subject, like Algebra. Once your question has been solved, you can help other students too! No more typing elaborate solutions when you help others. It takes another photo or annotation to help others.'

2- Field Trip Zoom

'FieldTripZoom provides you with an online service that allows you to search, order, schedule and connect to hundreds of live interactive programs. These programs provide your students with unique learning experiences that align with your courses and drive home the in-class materials. Museums, zoos and historical sites are some of the best sources of educational content specific to the curriculum. Whether it’s history, the arts, anthropology or other subject matter areas, these institutions can bring a new level of understanding to the material.'
3- TrianCal

'TrianCal is online calculator triangles that works with any combination of values including sides, heights, angles, the area or perimeter of any triangle, calculating it with the minimum possible value (typically three).Other functions include:Draw the triangle (s) with GeoGebra; set the range of values allowed into each element; the type of angle; the type of triangle by its sides and angles; selection of language (English or Spanish)...and many more.'

'Smallpdf is a web tool that allows you to work on your PDFs the way you like. Some of the things you can do with it include: compress PDFs, convert PPT to PDF or vice versa, convert JPG to PDF or JPG to PDF, merge PDFs, Unlock PDFs, Split PDFs and many more.'

'Zoom In is a free, Web-based platform that helps students build literacy and historical thinking skills through “deep dives” into primary and secondary sources. Zoom In’s online learning environment features 18 content-rich U.S. history units that supplement your regular instruction and help you use technology to support students’ mastery of both content and skills required by the new, higher standards.'

'BirdBrain is like an online science textbook written at multiple reading levels. It provides access to the Common Core standards and allows teachers to teach lessons based on the specific CCS they want to focus on. '

'Classcraft is a free online educational role-playing game that turns going to school into an adventure that teachers and students play together throughout a semester or school year. Acting as a gamification layer around any existing curriculum, the game is designed to make your class as engaging as possible while supporting students in becoming better learners!'

'Map→Image is a utility to help you create an image from an area on a map built by Stamen Design, up to 2,000 x 2,000 pixels. It is part of CityTracking, a two-year project (2010-2012) to change the way people view, talk about, utilize digital city services, and kindly funded by the Knight Foundation.'

Curated from Edshelf and from emails with content suggestions.