3 Great Google Drive Tools for Grading Assignments

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November 3, 2015
Below are three great tools to help you with creating, grading and distributing class assignments. While Chalkup is directly integrated with Drive, Flubaroo and Super Quiz are add-ons that you need to install on Google Sheets.

1- Flubaroo

Flubaroo is a free add-on to Google Forms/Sheets which lets you quickly grade and analyze student performance on multiple choice and fill-in assignments. Within a minute you'll be able to:

  •   Get scores for each student, and identify students in need of extra help.
  •   View average score, and a histogram of scores.
  •   Quickly identify questions which a majority of the students missed. 
  •   Email students their scores, along with optional notes to the class and/or to each student.
  •   Assign your own score to open-ended questions. 
2- Super Quiz

Super Quiz is an excellent Google Sheets add-on that allows teachers to add some amazing functionalities to the quizzes they create through Google Forms. For instance, when you create a quiz, you only need to complete it once with an answer key and all future submissions will be automatically graded according to the answers you provided. Another important feature of Super Quiz is that it enables you to get a break down of class understanding and a list of incorrect students' answers for each question in case you want to stage an intervention.

3- Chalkup
Chalkup is a great web tool that allows teachers to create classes and share different study materials on a message board that students can access in real-time. Chalkup lets you post discussion prompts, add comments to discussions, distribute announcements and assignments and view files.

Some things that are unique to the Chalkup Google integration are:
  • Grade and annotate files inline with drawing, highlighting, and area comments
  • Use a custom Rubric and attach it right to the grade
  • Manages all Google Drive file permissions automatically 
  • View Google Drive files without needing to go to Drive, and Students save any type of document to their own Drive
  • Real Discussions with nested comments.