Bibblio- A Powerful Search Engine for Teachers and Students

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October , 2015
Bibblio is a wonderful search platform that allows you to search for and access a wealth of educational content neatly organized in easy to share collections. Bibblio’s content is curated by other users and fetched from all around the web making it way more convenient than  the search results you would normally get using a standard search engine.

As a teacher or learner, you can use Bibblio to discover, collect and curate the best free learning materials on the web in any format (videos, podcasts, web links, presentations and many more). It also lets you organize all of your curated materials into one single homepage that you can annotate and personalize before sharing it with your peers and students. To search for content on Bibblio, use the box in the top-right corner. ‘Type a keyword and see the initial results. These may comprise users, collections and individual content pieces. From there, you can refine your search by typing another keyword or choosing a suggested one from the right-hand column.

You can refine the results further by filtering by format (video, audio, visuals, books and articles) or by re-ordering based on recency, popularity or shares. You can also save your favourite keywords by clicking on them in the search results title. Find them again via the Following tab on your profile menu bar.’

Watch the video below to learn more about Biblio