A Great Educational Tool for both Flipped and Blended Classrooms

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The Answer Pad is an interesting educational platform for teachers. It combines two powerful functionalities: it is both a student response system and a grading solution for your quizzes. It is an ideal tool for engaging students in a flipped or blended learning classroom.

As a teacher, you can use Interactive to directly involve students in their learning by providing them with an outlet through which they can show what they know. Students-generated feedback is a great source of data to inform and guide your teaching and also makes you aware of areas that need more work .

As a grading tool, you can use The Answer Pad to transition from paper to digital assessment.’ Set up an electronic answer sheet for your paper test on-line, using any of the eight different question types. Students can also use a scratch pad to show their work. With a built-in, robust reporting system for item analysis, the Answer Pad offers reports by skill, by class, and by student. Teachers can view the scratch pad showing the student work. In addition, school and district implementations are available for aggregate reporting.’

The Answer Pad is available for the web, Android and iPad.