8 Excellent Google Sheets Add-ons to Create Smarter Spreadsheets

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October 20, 2015
In today’s post, we are introducing you to a collection of important add-ons to use on your Google Sheets to create smarter spreadsheets with beautiful designs and more sophisticated functionalities. Using these extensions will enable you to add different styles and fonts to your spreadsheets; remove duplicate values between two tables or in one sheet; find and clean up data; split names to several columns, search in values, formulas, notes and hyperlinks in all sheets at once; easily generate Gantter schedules from your sheets; add reminders to your sheets; smart autofilling of data into other columns based on the values of the other columns, and many more.

1- Styles

'This add-on will make adding beauty to your spreadsheet a breeze. It's so easy to use, all you need to do is select a few cells you want to style and then click one of the styles in the Style viewer sidebar.'

2- More Fonts

'More fonts works just like the default fonts in your spreadsheet. After selecting some cells to format, simply click More Fonts in the add-on menu and choose a font. If you want to choose from even more fonts and see what they look like, all you need to do is choose Show More Fonts in the menu. This will open the spreadsheet sidebar where you can see the full list of fonts formatted in their own style. '

3- Remove Duplicates

'Follow 5 simple steps to find duplicate or unique values between two tables or in one sheet. This add-on comes with two useful wizards. One will help you compare two different tables or columns and remove duplicates; the other will search for unique and duplicate rows within one sheet. '

4- Power Tools

'One-click solutions for daily tasks: split cells, remove duplicates, change case, find and clean up data, work with formulas & more. Power Tools add-on cuts the clicks on repeated tasks and brings features for organizing and unifying data in Google Sheets. '

5- Split Names   

'Enable this add-on for your sheets if you ever need to have first and last names in different columns. You can complete this task in a click: choose the name parts you need and click "Split" to have them pulled out to separate cells. That's it!'

'This add-on allows you to quickly generate Gantter™ schedules from Google Sheets. With one click, you can highlight a list of tasks in Sheets to create a Gantter™ schedule or use a template to create a more robust schedule with start date, end date, resource, and notes! Once your Gantter™ schedule is created you can use Gantter for Google Drive™ to open and save your files directly from Drive and use all the power of Gantter™ to develop gantt charts, assign resources, track cost and completion for all your project tasks.'

7- Add Reminders   
'This spreadsheet can be a simple personal task list or a project-management interface that requires team-wide coordination. Add Reminders lets you receive email reminders before dates in a specific column of your spreadsheet are reached.'

'Smart Autofill add-on uses Machine Learning via the Google Prediction API  to fill missing values in a column of data, based on other data in the column and the data in adjacent columns. It will look for patterns in the rows of data where there are values present in the column, and apply them to fill in the missing values of the column.'