Free Printable Sign-up Sheets to Download and Use in Class (+Tools to Create Your Own)

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October , 2015
Part of our work as teachers and educators involves organizing educational events and activities that require a sign-up process. Whether you are scheduling your next field trip with your students and need parents permission, fundraising for a small-scale event in class or school, organizing a volunteering event in school…etc sign-up sheets are absolutely an integral element in your organizational process for these events. There are actually several web tools you can use to easily create a sign-up sheet some of our favourites are listed below.  We are also sharing with you some very good resources where you can access and download already made sign-up templates and sheets.

A-Tools for creating sign-up sheets

1- Google Forms

This is the one we recommend the most. Besides being completely free, Google Forms is very easy and simple to use. You can use it to create a wide variety of forms and best of all , your forms are hosted in the cloud meaning you can access them anywhere you go and across different devices.  Check out these tutorials to learn more about Google Forms.

2- SignUp Genius 

SignUp Genius is a great web tool that allows you to easily create sign-up sheets and coordinate group projects online. To use this web tool you need to open an account with them which is completely free. Once logged in, you can select a template or theme for your sign-up sheet and enter the dates/times and slots you need. When you are done with the customization of your sign-up sheet you can then invite group members using either email invitations or through a generated link.

3- VolunteerSpot

'VolunteerSpot is the leading free volunteer management software that's so easy, anyone can use it! A simple online sign up sheet makes organizing everyone easier and faster. VolunteerSpot's free volunteer scheduling software lets organizers quickly set up volunteer needs in an online calendar and invite volunteers to sign up from their computer or smart phone. Use it for anything including service projects, school carnivals and walkathons, class parties, swim meets, tournaments, charity races, Scout campouts, parent teacher conference scheduling, and more! Automatic reminders help volunteers keep their commitments and easy online calendar editing, reporting, and messaging saves organizers more time and energy so they can do more good!'

4- Bringit

'Bringit Sign Up Sheets lets you create unlimited sign up sheets online for free. Quickly add items, times or tasks to our blank sign up sheets. People see what you need and sign up.Each sign up sheet has a Public URL so people can sign up without needing to login. Share your sign up sheet with anyone through email, Facebook, blog, newsletter, or on a website.When people sign up on your sheet, they enter their email address (which only you can see). Then they get a friendly, automated reminder two days before the event date.'

5- Simply Circle

'SimplyCircle (formerly SchoolCircle) offers teachers, principals, PTA leaders, scout leaders and others a free, safe and simple way to communicate with their group. Group leaders can send updates, create events and tasks, request volunteer signups, and share documents and photos. And group members can engage socially, both with group leaders and with each other. All communication stays private to the members of the group, and only group leaders can see the contact information of the group members. SimplyCircle saves you time: You only need to create an event or a task once, and all reminders will happen automatically.'

B- Sign-up sheets printable

 1- Student Handouts
Student Handouts has this page featuring several free sign-up sheets you can download and use for different purposes. Browse through the collection and pick up the ones you like.

2- Sign-up sheets Pinterest board
This Pinterest board curated by Ann Wilkinson features a number of interesting links and websites where you can access and download printable sign-up sheets.