The Popular PDF Smart App Is Free Today Grab It

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September 26, 2015
The popular PDF Smart Convert app is free today for a limited period of time (its regular price is $6,99). This iPad app allows you to convert any file format you view on your iPad into a high quality PDF format. You can also use PDF Smart Convert to create PDFs from over 200 file formats by a single click. Using iPad’s built-in camera, you can easily take photos of any document you want, apply the app’s editing and filtering features to customize your photos before turning them into PDFs.

Another great feature of PDF Smart Convert is that it allows you to save and convert any webpage into PDFs. You can even turn clipboard content into PDFs, anything you copy will automatically appear in PDF Smart Convert’s clipboard ready for PDF conversion. Sharing files via PDF Smart Convert is super easy. The app ‘can access files at different cloud storage sources including Box, Dropbox, email attachments, PC/MAC via USB connection or WiFi sharing and even from other apps. File sharing with PDF Smart Convert couldn’t be easier with so many available sharing options.’

Courtesy of Apps Gone Free

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