Some Very Good iPad Apps for Music Teachers

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Today we revisited the iPad list of music apps we shared last year and wanted to add some interesting new apps to it. While some of these apps are totally free others like NotateMe is really pricy.  Browse through the titles listed below and see which ones you want to use in your music class. Enjoy

1- Symphonizer

‘You no longer need a special person to help you turn to the next page, nor spend on expensive hardware. Musicians all over the world find it challenging using their hands to turn pages while practicing or playing their music. This app introduces a new simple method (a simple smile) to replace the challenging touch based swipes or taps. A smile is always there to help you turn page while still playing.’

2- MockingBird Lessons

‘No prior musical theory knowledge is required. You will be improving your ear by listening to melodies and harmonies and playing them back directly on your virtual instrument. MockingBird uses a combination of an advanced learning algorithm and hand crafted exercises to guide you through the Ear Training process.’

3- YouCompose

‘YouCompose is a compositional tool that all iPad and iPhone musicians should have. With it you can accomplish complex compositional tasks with ease. It's also great fun to just play with this App.YouCompose comes with a powerful built-in assistant composer. She can help you compose your music in many ways.’

4- NotateMe

‘Ground-breaking music composition and notation software from Neuratron, featuring handwritten music recognition…Write music for solo instruments (including voice and piano), drums or ensembles from string quartets and choirs to full orchestral scores. Includes support for transposing instruments.’

5- Composer of the Day

‘Read concise, one-sentence biographies of classical composers, one per day, on the composer’s birthday. Learn why Igor Stravinsky was important, what inspired Robert Schumann, what major works Aaron Copland composed, and much more.’

6- Music Minds

‘Master your music theory with Music Minds Flashcards! Any child who has started learning an instrument or even taking music class at school will benefit from the Music Minds Flashcards app on iPhone.’

7- TuneTrain

‘TuneTrain is a music creation app, where kids can quickly create and edit melodies through a fun line-drawing mechanic.In the world of TuneTrain, people live at various heights in colorful vertical buildings. To help these people get around, the user can draw a train line to connect them to each other. The magic is that the people represent musical notes and the train line represents a musical melody that kids can create and hear.’