Some Excellent Android Learning Apps for Kids 5 and Under

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Upon the request of some of our readers here in EdTech and mLearning, we went ahead and curated this list specifically for kids 5 and under.  These are basically some of the most popular apps in Google Play Store in the category ‘Ages 5& Under’. The apps are intended to help kids in their early learning and give them a head start in areas such as literacy, numeracy, drawing and colouring, creating playful creatures and shapes and many more.

1- Endless Alphabet

‘Set the stage for reading success with this delightfully interactive educational app. Kids will have a blast learning their ABC's and building vocabulary with the adorable monsters in Endless Alphabet. Each word features an interactive puzzle with talking letters and a short animation illustrating the definition.’

2- AlphaTots Alphabet ( update no longer working)

‘“A” is for action in the fun app from Spinlight that uses 26 action verbs to help toddlers learn the ABCs. Whether they're "building" robots, "digging" for treasure or "zapping" alien spaceships, they'll have a blast learning all of the letters and their sounds.’

3- ABCmouse

‘With more than 5,000 fun and interactive learning activities that teach reading, math, beginning science and social studies, art, music, and much more, this program offers a one-stop location for all of your family’s educational needs.’

4- LEGO Juniors

‘In LEGO® Juniors Create & Cruise, children age 4-7 can use their imagination to create their very own LEGO® vehicles and minifigures. Cruising for coins will unlock virtual LEGO® sets that can be built with a few easy touches - and which will become part of the game’s colorful 3D scenery for your child’s next drive-through.’

5-Let’s Count Animals for Baby (update no longer working)

‘With the Laugh & Learn™ Let's Count Animals, babies are encouraged to learn about numbers and animals through interaction with engaging animations and sound effects! Baby can tap or tilt the screen to set a learning world in motion! ’

6- Storybook Rhymes

‘Read and sing along to baby’s favorite nursery rhymes! This interactive app encourages early learning with dynamic characters, engaging music, sung songs, animations and two great classic stories: One, Two, Buckle My Shoe and Itsy Bitsy Spider.’

7- Endless Reader

‘This app introduces "sight words", the most commonly used words in school, library, and children's books. Kids need to recognize these words by sight in order to achieve reading fluency. Recognizing sight words is advantageous for beginning readers because many of these words have unusual spelling, cannot be sounded out using phonics knowledge, and often cannot be represented using pictures.’

8- Monkey Preschool Explorers

‘Lead the way by learning the fundamentals of early education: numbers, upper and lower case letters, colors, shapes and more…Develop and train creative thinking and working memory by remembering clues and matching associated objects. Puzzles contain challenges such as finding things that are fuzzy, things with stripes or things that are sweet.’

9- Lear Colors for Toddlers

‘Colors for Kids app will help your children to quickly learn colors and their tints. With the help of developing games they will learn colors of different objects and all colors of the rainbow. Your kid can also mix colors and get new ones.’

10- 123 Kids Fun Music

‘Beautiful and simple music application for toddlers and preschool kids, which inspires and encourages kids to create own music. Great introduction to explore the world of music and sounds.The application features activities that foster children’s creativity, motor skills, and appreciation of sounds and music.’