An Excellent iPad Interactive Guide to Explore The World of Big Data

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September 20, 2015
The Human Face of Big Data is a wonderful iPad eBook that provides some amazing interactive posters, infographics, essays and photographs that ‘explore the world of big data and captures how it is helping address the biggest challenges facing our species.’ This short eBook is free today and only for a limited period of time (its regular price is $2,99).

The Human Face of Big Data will help you learn about the far-reaching impact of big data on our world showcasing examples from different sectors including business, academia, government, healthcare, and everyday life. ‘Big Data is already enabling us to provide a healthier life for our children. To provide our seniors with independence while keeping them safe. To help us conserve precious resources like water and energy. To alert us to tiny changes in our health, weeks or years before we develop a life-threatening illness. To peer into our own individual genetic makeup. To create new forms of life. And soon, as many predict, to reengineer our own species. And we’ve barely scratched the surface…’

Courtesy of Apps Gone Free