A New Google Docs Feature Ideal for Collaborative Writing in Class

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September 5, 2015
One of the best features that mark Google Docs as a powerful collaborative writing platform is the ‘revision history’. Using ‘revision history’ allows you to see all the changes you or others working with you on the same document have made. All portions of text that have been added to the document are highlighted in a different colour. Omitted text is displayed with a strikethrough.

Two days ago, Google released a new collaborative feature called ‘See new changes’. As of right now, this feature works only on Docs and is not yet available for Spreadsheets and Presentations. This is particularly useful for co-writing documents. Now when working on a document with other collaborators, you will be able to see the changes added to the document as soon as you open it.

see new changes

 When there are new changes to the doc a blue button reading ‘see new changes’ will be displayed next to the Help menu. You can also access this new feature by clicking on File and selecting ’See new changes’. As is the case with ‘revision history’,  added text is highlighted in a different colour and deleted text is marked with a strikethrough. To see the revision history while viewing the new changes, click 'See full history' in the top right.

Check out Google Docs Help page to learn more.