Zondle- Another Great Platform to Help you Integrate Game-based Learning Approach in Your Teaching

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August 28, 2015
Zondle is another great web tool and mobile app to use in a game-based learning approach. Zondle allows you to create, play and share educational games to support teaching, learning and assessment. Zondle works with different age groups and is available in many languages. As a teacher you can create a topic (sets of questions) to meet the learning needs of your students. There are over 20 different types of questions you can use and you can even include images, audio and video to support your teaching. Some of the things Zondle offers to teachers include:

Zondle Team Play
‘zondle Team Play sessions alternate between the teacher using PowerPoint-style teaching materials to introduce new concepts, and the students playing game rounds that enhance their understanding of those concepts. The game rounds exploit the neuroscientific principle of ‘uncertain rewards’.

‘In zondle, the same topics (sets of questions) can be set as formative assessment (for students to play in games, to consolidate their learning) and as summative assessment (in a plain question interface, to measure exactly what your students know). Assess exactly what you want to assess, view results for individual students or whole classes, and output results (to Excel and other systems) - all without any marking!’

Behaviour Rewards
‘With zondle, you can easily reward good classroom behavior (even when students are not playing zondle games)!Rewarding good behavior helps promote a positive learning environment, can help focus students on their learning, and can add some extra fun to the classroom!’

‘Monitoring student achievements and progress is easy with the zondle Gradebook.
In one powerful tool, you can see what topics (sets of questions) that you’ve set, who has played those topics and when, what they achieved and what their progress has been over time (all without any marking!).’

Check out Zondle website for more features. Zondle is also available for iOS. While Zondle is free, there is however, an updated notice in the site announcing that the folks in Zondle are considering turning their platform into a low-priced subscription service at some point.