Bloxels Facilitates Game Building in Classrooms

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Update October 2021
The old tools I published here in 2015 are no longer relevant. Instead, I am sharing with you this tool or you can check game-based learning section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning for more tools and resources.

Game-based learning is a learning trend with an increasing attraction in today’s classrooms. At its core, game-based learning deploys learning principles incorporated in the gaming industry in educational settings. The purpose is to enhance students learning and create optimal learning experiences in and outside classrooms. This is usually done through the use of a variety of hands-on and highly competitive activities geared towards engaging students and motivating them to learn better.

Below is a great tool which you can use with students to help them create their own video games. The tools which I initially reviewed in Tools to Help Students Create Their Own Video Games, is entitled Bloxels.


Bloxels is a platform where students can create characters, art, animations, games and share them with others. They can start designing their games using 8 simple blocks namely action, liquid, hazard, collectible, liquid, power-up, enemy, and story. Using the site's Character Builder, they can draw and animate pixel characters then use the Character Lab to give these characters powers like magic, fire, flight, speed and many more. For inspiration, students can check Bloxels gaming community to explore games created by others. 

Additionally, bloxels provides "themed asset packs stuffed full of ready-made art, characters and backgrounds for you to use in your games. Mix and match, use as-is or edit them to your liking! New assets are added to the app regularly". Bloxels is also available for download from App Store and Google Play Store.

Watch the video below to learn more about Bloxels