Two Useful Game-based Learning Tools for Teachers

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August 5, 2015
Game-based learning is a learning trend with an increasing attraction in today’s classrooms. At its core, game-based learning deploys learning principles incorporated in the gaming industry in educational settings. The purpose is to enhance students learning and create optimal learning experiences in and outside classrooms. This is usually done through the use of a variety of hands-on and highly competitive activities geared towards engaging students and motivating them to learn better.
Below are two new web tools to help you incorporate the principles of game-based learning in your teaching.

BrainRush allows you to set up virtual classrooms, assign any BrainRush to any student and monitor the activity and progress of each student in real time. You can also easily differentiate your lesson plans by assigning remedial or advanced work based on unique student needs.BrainRrush library has zillions of BrainRushes, covering just about any topic. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can create your own anytime. Coming soon, our Common Core Navigator will help you find BrainRushes mapped to CCSS.

ClassXP is a new way of tracking and displaying student performance with an interactive and engaging dashboard similar to those found in popular video games. Students and teachers will be able to caves their data rich ClassXP dashboards at any tie and from any web enabled device.