Must Have Chrome Apps for The New School Year

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August 20, 2015
You probably are already working on your digital toolkit making it ready for the start of a new school year. Part of your preparation will definitely consist of making decision on the kind of web applications and mobil apps you will be incorporating in your teaching. This means that you need to have a fairly decent knowledge of educational web tools out there and the potentialities they can offer to your instruction. To this end and to help you make informed decisions about the technology to use in your class,  we went ahead and did some digging into our archive and curated this collection   comprising some of the best educational Chrome apps out there.  We hope you will find it useful. Enjoy

1- Chrome Apps for Math Teachers

2- Chrome Apps for Recording and Editing Audio

3- Chrome Apps for Annotating and Editing PDFs

4- Chrome Apps for Bookmarking and Curating Content

5- Chrome Apps to Enhance Students Reading Experiences

6- Chrome Apps to Enhance Teachers Productivity

7- Chrome Apps for Creating 3D Models

8- QR Generator Apps for Chrome

9- Chrome Apps for Research Students

10- Chrome Apps for Notetaking

11- Chrome Apps for Screen Capture

12-  Chrome Apps for Sketching and Doodling

13-  Chrome Task Management Apps