The New Explain Everything 3.0 Offers Some Great Features for Math Teachers

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August 15, 2015
The popular interactive whiteboard app Explain Everything has recently released its newest version called Explain Everything 3.0. Besides attending to the aesthetic look of the app (changing the logo icon), EE 3.0 has come with some interesting functionalities that speak to the overall performance of the app.

The main update in this new version which is absolutely great for Math teachers and students is the integration of a special math keyboard that allows users to insert and edit math equation objects. The keyboard shows up when you select  Object > Math Equations. Users can also use it to create math equations from scratch and even generate graphs.’To make this function consistent with other tools and objects in EE, the generated graph becomes a separate object that you can customize by changing its scale or its color scheme.’

Other interesting features in this new version include: an update of the overall interface  making it more user friendly and easy to use and an adjustment of ‘export workflow’. Explain Everything 3.0 is now available from download from the app store for $ 3,99.