The latest Google Drive Updates for Teachers

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August 13, 2015
In the course of the last three to four months ago, Google has been releasing new updates to Google Drive almost on a weekly basis. So far we have covered all the ones directly related to us in education. Today, we are sharing with you the most recent updates released over the last few days:

1- Include hidden and filtered data in charts in Google Sheets

‘ This launch introduces the option to include hidden and/or filtered data in Sheets charts. Going forward, if you create a chart in Sheets on the web and then filter or hide any of the source data, a small message will appear indicating that the data has been removed from your chart and giving you the option to include it. While this option will only appear on the web, any settings will be respected on mobile as well.’

2- Change font size of texts in Google Docs

‘This launch will allow users to more easily increase or decrease the relative font size of text in Google Docs and Slides…if a user highlights a range of text or any number of textboxes in Google Docs or Slides, he or she can increase or decrease that selection’s font size in 1-pt increments by choosing Format > Font size > Increase font size or decrease font size from the menu bar. If the selected text contains multiple font sizes, each will be increased or decreased accordingly.’

3- Docs notifications
With this new update when files Google docs are transferred to a new owner, ‘the new document, spreadsheet, and presentation owners will receive all notifications for any comments added to their files, and previous owners, like any other collaborators, will only receive notifications if their names are explicitly added to a comment.’

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