Some Very Good YouTube Documentary Channels for Teachers

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August 3, 2015
YouTube is one of the best platforms for accessing free educational content. There are now a multitude of channels created by teachers for teachers. Our section ‘YouTube Channels for Teachers’ features some of the best collection in this regard. In today’s post we are sharing with you some great YouTube channels that provide documentary films. You can probably use some of these documentaries to enhance your students learning. Browse through the collection and see what you can find. Enjoy

1- National Geographic

This is the official youTube channel of the popular TV network National Geographic. The channel hosts hundreds of educational documentaries ideal for classroom use.

2- Documentary Films

‘Watch free documentary movies online with Documentary Films Channel. Find the best and most popular documentaries online about people, animals, paranormals, planet and almost anything that matters to us.’

3- HD Documentary Channel

‘The BEST channel for all your Space & Universe, Science, Technology and Nature documentaries, all in HD! Weekly updated!’

4- The Documentary Network

‘Explore the world beyond headlines. Watch amazing videos that will shock / entertain / bring new insights and ideas.’

5- Documentary

This is another good YouTube channel that offers a wide variety of documentary films.

6- History TV

‘’Watch Full History Documentary Films in HD with History TV Channel. Increase your knowledge and open your eyes with the wonders and extra ordinary stories of our history.’

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