Some Great Lesson Plan Tools for Teachers

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August 5, 2015
Preparing your curriculum materials for next semester? Updating what you already have? Revising lesson plans from someone else to fit your class? Here are some tools that may help in  this process.

COLOURlovers :
 Pick a tasteful color palette here to give your materials a creative polish.
Find images, videos, audio, docs, and other digital materials with the Creative Commons license.
 Create interactive lessons, quizzes, assignments, games, or stories with this multi-platform tool.
Write out your lesson and get basic formatting automatically in this simple online text editor.

Want more? Check out these shelves of tools created by members like you.

Lesson Plan Tools and Resources 
This is curated by library media specialist Sherry Lancaster.
This one is curated by blended learning academic manager Michael Wacker.

By Mike Lee, Co-founder of edshelf