Over 200 Free Textbooks for Teachers

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A couple of months ago we shared here a post featuring four important websites where teachers and educators can access digital textbooks. Today we are adding this excellent resource from Open Culture comprising over 200 free textbooks. This huge collection is a work-in progress meaning more resources are to be added in the future.

Textbooks in this collection are arranged into different categories making easier for you to browse through and find the content you want. These categories include : Art History, Biology, Chemistry, Classics, Computer Science & Information System, Earth Science, Education, Engineering, Languages, Music, Philosophy,Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science and many more. The number of textbooks offered varies from one category to the other for while Art and History features only a single textbook, Computer Science section has over 20 resources. Check out the full list here and see what you can find there. Enjoy