Index of The Major Learning Theories and Paradigms Teachers Should Know about

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Learning is a social act embedded within a macro contextual framework that provides it with its essence. Learning about learning or 'meta-learning' is at the core of our tasks as teachers and educators. Unless we have an informed understanding of the dynamics involved in the learning act, our teaching effectiveness and pedagogy will definitely be impaired.

To build an informed understanding about learning, we need to be cognizant of the different learning theories and paradigms that have accumulatively formed the didactic science of teaching and pedagogy. There are multiple learning theories out there that attempt to account for the learning process each from the epistemic stances they espouse.

Admittedly, going through the bulk of literature written on learning theories can be exquisitely cumbersome and time consuming.  Learning Theories has done a superb job condensing almost all of the main paradigms and theories into one easy accessible whole. This website ‘features learning theories, models, and frameworks that address how people learn. Each one is summarized and discussed in an easy-to-read, easy-to understand  format. This site if useful for students and scholars of various fields, including educational psychology, instructional design, and human computer interaction.’

Check out Learning Theories to learn more.