Google Released A New Interesting Google Hangouts App for The Web

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August 21, 2015
Google has finally released a new Hangouts app for the web. With this new update Google Hangouts now becomes a stand-alone app with some powerful features for video and phone calling. Using Hangouts app you will be able to :

Start a Hangout
Hangout conversations can either be with one person or a group of participants .

Make video calls
This allow users to have face-to-face video conversations with up to nine people.

Make phone calls
You can make free calls via Hangouts to US and Canada. You can also call international phone numbers both mobile and landline at a low rate. Here is a list of all the rates.

Send text messages
Google Hangouts app allows you to send text messages and chat with your contacts right on your desktop.

Also, Google no longer requires you to sign in to Hangouts using Google Plus all you need is a Google account. The same applies when you invite someone to a Hangout conversation, they will need to sign in using their Google account.

Courtesy of Tom D' Amico and MakeUseof