14 Essential Google Search Tips for Students

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August 17, 2015
Teaching students how to conduct smart search queries online is an important part of cultivating a digital citizenship culture within your classroom.  Smart searching goes beyond the simple ability to conduct quick search queries to how to effectively locate information online and assess their authenticity and accuracy. In other  words, smart searching encompasses a complex set of interrelated skills and competencies that together make up the holistic picture of what it is to be a search savvy netizen.

And since Google comes at the top of search engines accessed by students it goes without saying that attention here should be targeted at the know-how necessary for  students to be able to tap into the full potential of this search engine. To this end, and in addition to the different resources we covered here in the past, we are sharing with you this collection of video tutorials  from Google Help featuring some essential Google search tips. Check them out and  share with your students:

1- Search by File

2- Exclude Words

3- Search for two things

4- Define a word

5- Fill in the blanks

6- Look up public data

7- Find an exact phrase

8- World clock

9- Track a package

10- Calculate anything

11- Area codes

12- Search within sites

13- Refine your Google search results

14- simple Google search tips

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