Here Is A Great App for Creating Educational Documentaries with Students

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August 30, 2015
Videocraft is an excellent iPad app to use with students to create short educational documentaries.The app is both a multi-track video editor and a movie maker. It allows you to combine amazing video content using a wide variety of multimedia materials including photos, clips, audio, text and many more. Videocraft is free today and only for a limited time.

You can combine different video clips into a single documentary. You can also apply various editing features to customize your clips. You can, for instance, trim the clips to play only the parts that interest you in a video,  blur parts you don't want to be displayed and adjust the speed of each video clip to create a slow/fast motion movies. You can even add videos over the main video  with a maximum of 4 videos playing at the same time.

To make your videos more illustrative, Videocraft allows you to add text to images in your videos to make beautiful callouts. There are actually more than 30 images to choose from including callouts and comics. Adding audio track to your videos is another great feature supported by this app. You can create audio tracks from videos and make interesting transitions. You can also record your voice and use it as a voice-over in your clips.

Once your documentary or video is ready, you can export it to your camera roll or share it  on social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram. If you have a YouTube channel you can upload it there or send it as an email attachment.

Courtesy of Apps Gone Free