A Very Simple Digital Whiteboard App for Teachers

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August 20, 2015
Looking for a very simple and easy to use digital whiteboard app, Smart Whiteboard HD is a good option to start with. The app is free today for a limited period of time ( its regular price is $1,99). Smart Whiteboard HD is great for making quick sketches. You can also utilize it for preparing a draft or for capturing quick notes and ideas.

With its intuitive interface, users can easily doodle and draw on the white canvas using their fingers.  They can choose from different colours, brushes and  marker sizes. Once finished drawing, users can save their work to the albums of their iPad or share it with others through email and SMS. The printing option is supported as well.

‘The White board is widely used in the classroom by school teachers as well as the home by parents' family education, conference room by the boss or others, the field by football coach or basketball coach and other coach to set an example, Art Studio for children to draw pictures, ......etc.’

For more sophisticated whiteboard apps, check out this collection.

Courtesy of Apps Gone Free

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