A Handy Tool for Turning PowerPoint Presentations into Interactive Lessons

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August 3, 2015
Office Mix is an excellent PowerPoint add-in that allows teachers to create engaging and interactive presentations using multimedia materials including: images, links, videos, audio and text. Office Mix offers a number of features that would turn your PowerPoint presentation into a live interactive online lesson. Some of these features include: screen recording, directly writing in the presentation as you would at a whiteboard, creating interactive quizzes and polls and many more.

As a teacher, you can use Office Mix to record yourself explaining a lesson to students using both audio and video . You can also use its screen recording functionality to create instructional videos and tutorials integrating your own voice-over. Office Mix is also a great tool for flipped classrooms. Check out this page to learn more about how teachers are using Office Mix in their classes.

Watch the video below to learn more about Office mix