4 Important Guides to Help Teachers Effectively Use iPad in Class

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August 1, 2015
This is the third post in a series of posts covering some very good guides to help teachers make the best of emerging technologies in education. After writing about technology tips and flipped classroom, this post presents some of our favourite reads for teachers looking for ways to better use iPad in their instruction. We invite you to check them out and as always share with us your feedback. Enjoy.

1- iPads in The Classroom, by Annalisa Kelly

‘This publication is an essential beginner’s reference for teachers at all levels of primary and secondary schooling, inclusive of special needs, regular stream and gifted students, who are intending to use, or are currently using, iPads and other iOS devices (iPods, etc) to augment their lessons. ’

2- iPads for Learning, by Dana Specker Watts

‘This book aims to provide educators with comprehensive information about how to utilize iPads for Learning, focusing on policies, guidelines, and practical information about the integration of iPads. This book is designed around four main themes of technology (Learn, Protect, Balance, Respect) that teachers, students and parents can utilize throughout the school year during a Digital Citizenship Camp or integrated into the everyday curriculum.’

3- iPads in Education, by Brian Plahn

‘This book is an introduction of the basics of the iPad. It covers various gestures and settings for the iPad. This book also goes over some ways that you can use the iPad in the classroom.’

4- The Teacher’s iPadoPedia, by Philip Johnson

‘The largest compilation of uses for iPads in the classroom ever assembled; clearly presented, comprehensively cross-referenced, filled with images and video tours of the apps discussed, and sorted by what teachers actually do each day. Rather than focusing on iPad’s features, this guide answers a more fundamental question for teachers: how can iPad help me do my job? For elementary and secondary school teachers of all subjects, this iPads-in-education guide was created by one of music education’s best known writers and presenters.’