3 Good Interactive Guides to Help You Integrate Technology in Your Teaching

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August 1 , 2015
Looking for new ideas and ways to use technology in your instruction? The guides below are definitely worth your consideration. These are free short eBooks available for free download from iTunes store. The books present ideas and examples of the different technologies teachers can use with their students in class. Browse through the collection and get inspired!

1- New Technologies in The Classroom by Jordan A. Lynde

‘This is a short book of three articles I have written on new technologies that can be used in the classroom. Each chapter will include a summary of the article, and then a review or reflection of my thoughts about the idea of using the technology specified in the article. All reflections are just my thoughts and have nothing to do with the company who makes them or the website that I have reviewed. This is just a collection of one future educators thoughts about how the classroom experience could be enhanced with these technologies and maybe give some ideas or insight to other educators.’

2- Using Technologies in Education by Dr. Chris Greer

‘This textbook strives to explore various technologies that are currently used in K-12 and higher education. The chapters in this textbook are rich with photos, video, as well as researched information that pertains to the modern educator. It was created by nine graduate students at Georgia College.’

3- The Innovative Classroom, Using Technology to Inspire Art & Design, by Dawn Kandekore

‘The Innovative Classroom: Using Technology to Inspire Art & Design is aimed at teachers, trainee teachers and home educators worldwide who teach children between the ages of 6 to 12. It presents ideas for using technology to support art and design. You will also find this book useful if you are just looking for new ideas or want to make use of free resources available on the Internet.’