Word Swag- A Great App for Creating Poster Quotes and Educational Flyers

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July 19, 2015
A few days ago we posted here a collection of some excellent iPad apps students can use to add text to pictures. Today, we are adding another equally important app to this list. Word Swag allows you to design beautiful graphics and create amazing text layouts. You can easily stylize your images by adding text, background and different colour fonts. Word Swag is great for creating poster quotes to share with students in class. You can also use it to create educational flyers and announcements or to simply caption your memories.

The way Word Swag works is simple and easy:

1. Select your picture (Word Swag also includes 290,000+ backgrounds!)
2. Edit your text (you can also choose from hundreds of included captions and quotes)
3. Select one of 31+ text styles (more being added all the time!). Word Swag automatically generates a fresh & beautiful design for your text.
4. Don't like that design? Select another one of 5 options. Or want to see even more options? Tap the dice button for endless choices.
5. It's that simple! Now you're ready to save or share your creative design on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

Watch this video to see Word Swag in Action