Some Very Good Resources for Math Teachers from CK-12

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July 13, 2015
Here are some valuable resources for Math teachers and students. These resources are provided by CK-12 and are arranged into 10 main categories. Click on each category below to access the corresponding materials it has to offer.

1- Elementary Math
2- Arithmetic
3- Measurement
4- Algebra
5- Geometry
6- Probability
7- Statistics
8- Trigonometry
9- Analysis
10- Calculus

For those of you not yet familiar with CK-12. This is a platform that provides high quality curated STEM content for teachers and students. Its library has over 5000 math and science materials ideal to use in class. Flexbook is one of the best features I like in CK-12. Its integrated Flexbook provides a wide variety of free textbooks for teachers to use in their lessons. It even allows teachers to create their own Flexbooks using materials from other textbooks in the site. Textbooks are available in multiple formats including: PDF format, Kindle and Nook and iPad.