Over 200 of Leonardo da Vinci's Popular Human Anatomy Drawings are Now Free

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Update: this deal is now expired.
Leonardo da Vinci is a great iPad app  is an interactive book featuring over 200 of Leonardo’s high resolution anatomical drawings. This collection of human anatomy drawings is ‘one of the greatest treasures from the Royal Collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle’.

Leonardo da Vinci app

Using this app, students will be able to explore Leonardo’s scientific and artistic genius. This special edition created specifically for iPad presents Leonardo’s work in  an illuminating interactive way with integrated 3D anatomical models from world-leading medical animators, Primal Pictures.

Other features offered by the app include:

  • A magic spyglass to decode Leonardo’s mirror writing
  • Intelligent keyword searching and collection navigation via a human body interface
  • Expert interviews discussing the significance of Leonardo’s anatomical discoveries
  • Eleven story chapters explaining Leonardo’s anatomical investigations and presenting over 70 selected works with interactive features… and many more.

For a more recent collection of AR apps to help students learn about human anatomy in 3D you can check this page.