Here Is How to Use iPad As A Document Camera in Class

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July 15, 2015
An interesting way to use iPad with students in class is through turning it into a document camera. The concept is very simple, you use your iPad as a mirroring device to project documents to a bigger screen. The whole class will be able to follow with you as you go through the document. For this to happen, you will need to connect your iPad to a projector either through a VGA Adapter Cable or wirelessly using a third party app. Check out Learning in Hand’s post to learn more about the different options you can utilize to connect your iPad to a projector.

You can use iPad as a document camera for a wide variety of purposes. For instance, it can be used when working on group projects, brainstorming a new topic, collaborative editing, group mind mapping, recording video tutorials and many more. Check put this post to learn more about the different ways to use iPad document camera with your students. Jonathan Wylie also has this wonderful article with more details on how to use iPad as a document camera in classroom.

There are two ways to use iPad as a document camera. The first easy way is to use the camera app on your iPad. The second way is through using third party apps which will also enable you to do more with your docs such as annotating, highlighting and many more. Below are some of the best document camera apps to try:

1- IPEVO Whiteboard

IPEVO Whiteboard allows you to draw and annotate directly onto real-time camera image from your iPad, images in the Photo Library, or a blank whiteboard.

2- Air Scanner

Easily present hard-copy materials from books, magazines, or physical objects as part of your lectures or meetings. Great for show and tell. Air Scanner continuously takes photos with your device's camera and projects them to a web browser running on the same WiFi network, at 720P HD (1080P on iPhone 5 and newer generation devices) - allowing full page text and color photographs to come out crisp and clear.

3- Stage

Stage is an exciting teaching and demonstration tool that students and educators can use to share ideas and interact with curriculum. Use the iPad camera to display live video of objects, textbooks, student work, and other projects, and sketch, write, label, or laser point in real-time. With options like storing labels, recording, PDF import, and wireless connection to a projector via Airplay, Stage makes lessons fully interactive, collaborative, and engaging.

4- Epiphan Document Camera

Epiphan Document Camera is designed for outputting images to an external display by the means of AirPlay Mirroring with automatic document contour recognition and perspective distortion compensation. Capability to record photo and video, original and rectified document images, with access through iTunes.

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