Here Is A Great Alternative to Google Forms

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For those of you looking for a good alternative to Google Forms, JotForm is a great tool to start with. It allows you to easily create beautiful forms that you can share with others or embed in your class website or blog. It also provides a wide variety of themes and ready-made templates to utilize when building your forms. You can choose from over 2000 form templates that will help you jump start  your forms. 


JotForm has an easy to use form builder. With an intuitive drag and drop form interface you can create your forms in minutes. You can drag numerous elements to your form including:  Image slider, videos, maps, tables, headings, multiple question types and many more. You can also insert different types of widgets including PDF embedder, QR Code, Countdown, social media buttons, and more.

Jotform template gallery

Jotform's template gallery embed a growing library of professionally designed templates that are fully customizable. You can browse these resources by Type or Industry or you use can use search filters (e.g., form layout, language, popularity) to further narrow down your search and find the right form to use in your teaching. The education section in this gallery contains over 2000 pre-designed templates covering various topics including: 
  • Student survey form
  • Classroom observation survey
  • Teachers assessment form
  • Course registration form
  • Course evaluation form
  • Training feedback form
  • Application for university form
  • Student progress report template
  • Student performance evaluation form
  • Scholarship application form
  • Virtual workshop registration form
  • Parental consent and release form
  • Summer school registration form
  • Field trip permission form
  • Online class attendance form

Examples of form types offered by Jotform  include: 

  • Order Forms
  • Registration Forms
  • Event Registration Forms
  • Application Forms
  • Booking Forms
  • Request Forms
  • Feedback Forms
  • Membership Forms
  • Signup Forms
  • Payment Forms
  • Evaluation Forms
  • Contact Forms
  • Survey Templates
  • Questionnaire Templates
  • File Upload Forms

JotForm integrates seamlessly with Google Drive and Dropbox. The free version of JotForm provides some pretty decent features (e.g 100 monthly submissions, 100 MB space, unlimited forms, reports and fields per form).

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