Handouts- A Great App for Creating, Collecting and Grading Assignments Paperlessly

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July 22, 2015
Handouts is a great educational app to use in your iPad classroom for scheduling and managing assignments paperlessly. As a teacher, you can easily create assignments and distribute them to students who, in their turn,  complete and hand them in from within the app without the need of any printouts. ‘With Handouts, thousands of teachers are skipping the copier, saving time and money. Teachers take pictures of their existing paper assignments (or import PDFs from Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud) to schedule, distribute, grade, and track uncollected assignments.’

If you have assignments or worksheets in a cloud-based storage platform such as dropbox or iCloud Drive you can easily import and use them on Handouts. Besides drawing and text annotation tools, Handouts allows you to keep track of your uncollected assignments right from the app dashboard. It also enables you to grade students' works using different tools including fun stickers. You can send feedback, take private notes and add students achievements to their portfolios. Handouts is ideal a good solution for a paperless classroom.