Some Great Educational Resources from Google

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July 31, 2015
Google for Education has some excellent resources curated specifically to help teachers make the best of their technology integration in their instruction. We have been sifting through the different materials featured in the Training Centre for Google for Education and came across  these handy guides. These are resources featuring some interesting ideas and innovative ways  educators are using Google products in their classrooms and curriculum. Here are the two resources that stood out to us the most:

1- 40 Ways to use Apps in the Classroom
This is a presentation where you will get to discover some new ways to implement Google Apps in your school.The tools featured here are geared towards helping you increase teacher efficiency, student engagement and school-wide collaboration.

2- Time Saving Tips
This is another excellent presentation from Google for Education featuring a number of tips and ideas on how to make the best of Google tools. The products covered here include: Gmail, Google Drive, Forms, and Sheets.