Flip Your Classroom with These Teacher-tested Tools

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July 16 , 2015
Looking for more resources to help you flip your classroom? Here are a set of teacher-tested tools that can aid in video capture and editing, digital storytelling, and organizing all of your online materials.

A popular open source learning management system that now offers cloud hosting, for free!
 Cut out any section of a YouTube video you'd like to share with students and colleagues.
Take a picture, then record a yourself speaking and drawing on the picture. Good for how-to videos.
Create stories using easy drag & drop controls, voice recordings, stickers, emoticons, and more.

Want more? Check out these shelves of tools.

Screencasting and Video Lesson Creation Tools 
This is curated by assistive technology specialist Tandra Ericson.
This one is curated by assistant professor and teacher-librarian Dr. Joyce Valenza.

By Mike Lee, Co-founder of edshelf