Basic PDF Tips Every Teacher Using Mac Should Know about

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July 29, 2015
In an earlier post entitled ‘10 Mac Tips Every Teacher Should Know about’ we fleetingly touched on a quick hack on how to annotate your PDFs. We subsequently received few questions from teachers inquiring about PDF tips for Mac users so we decided to feature some of the basic yet overlooked things you can do with your PDFs on Mac.

For any of these tips to work, make sure you open your PDF then click on ‘View’ in Mac’s menu bar and select ’Show markup toolbar’.

1 Add signature to PDFs

You can easily sign PDFs using the sign feature in the mark-up toolbar. There are two options for signing PDFs: sign your name on the trackpad or sign your name in a white paper and hold it towards your Mac’s camera.

2- Add notes and sketches to PDFs
To add a note to a PDF document, click on the note icon as shown in the screenshot below and start typing in the displayed text box. You can use your mouse to drag the text box and place it anywhere in the document.

The same with sketches, click on the pen icon to start sketching .

3- Add text to PDFs
Similar to the notes feature mentioned above, you can add your own text to a PDF document by simply clicking on text icon.

4- Highlight text on PDFs
To highlight a piece of text on your PDF, use your mouse to select the part you want highlighted and right click on it and choose the highlight colour for it.

5- Quick access to highlights and notes
To quickly access your highlights and notes, click on the ‘view menu’ and select ‘highlights and notes’. All your notes and highlights will be displayed on the left sidebar.

When you attempt to close the PDF you customized you will be prompted to save the changes you did. Click on ‘save’.

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