An Easy Way to Record Educational Screencasts and Videos on Mac

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July 14, 2015
QuickTime Player is a wonderful Mac app with a huge educational potential for teachers and educators. While this app comes in pre-installed on Mac, several teachers still overlook the multiple features it offers. They think the app is only for playing back audio and video clips. The thing is, QuickTime Player offers way more than that. In today’s post, we are highlighting some of the things you can do with QuickTime Player:

1-  Record instructional screencasts to share with students

QuickTime Player allows you to record everything you do on your Mac and share it in a video format. You can either record the full screen or only part of the screen. As a teacher, you can use this to create educational tutorials and instructional step-by-step guides to share with students.
To create a screencast, open QuickTime Player, click on ‘File’ and select ’New Screen Recording’.

2- Record video clips

You can use QuickTime Player to quickly record a video using your Mac’s integrated camera and mic. You can then upload the video to a cloud storage site such as Google Drive or Dropbox, save it in iCloud or share it with others using Airdrop, mail, YouTube and many more.
To start recording your video, open QuickTime Player, click on ‘File’ then select ‘New Movie Recording’

3- Record audio clips

Instead of using a third party app to record audio clips, you can use QuickTime Player to do this in an easier and better way. After you are finished with your recording, you can share it via Airdrop, Facebook, YouTube, mail and many more.
To record an audio clip, open QuickTime Player, click on ‘File’ and choose ’New Audio Recording’