A New Collection of Educational Web Tools for Teachers

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July 20, 2015
Ever come across an educational tool that made you say, "Wow!" Here are a few notable picks that have done just that to some classroom teachers.

1- Quiver:
  Formerly colAR Mix, this augmented reality app takes pictures that students colored and gives them life.
Play or create your own online jigsaw puzzles out of any picture or photo you have.

3- PurposeGames :
Create interactive visual multiple-choice quizzes with an image and "Identify this section" dots placed on it.

4- Map to Image :
 Pick a section of a Google Map, apply a filter (e.g. watercolor, toner, terrain, etc), and save it as an image you can use.

PledgeCents allows anyone to raise funds for any K-12 need and keep what they raise. Nothing to lose, only funds to gain.

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6- Cool Tools 
This is  curated by edtech specialist and PD consultant David Kapuler.
This one is curated by instructional technology coach Shelby Elmore.

By Mike Lee Co-founder of edshelf