A Great Tool for Creating Image Quizzes and Educational Games

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July 6, 2015
PurposeGames is a website for engaging learners through creating and playing games. Besides hosting over 70,000 public games, the site allows you to create your own games and participate in tournaments created by others. As a teacher you can use  PurposeGames to create a variety of game-based quizzes. Some of the options you have include:

1- Image Quizzes
Easily create image-based quizzes using your own images. Simply upload the image you want to utilize and place blue dots for questions.

2- Multiple Choice Quiz
Another type of quizzes supported by PurposeGames is the multiple-choice quiz where you pose a question and provide a number of answers for students to choose from.

3- Image shape quiz
This is similar to image-based quiz but uses shapes instead of dots.

Other interesting features provided by the site and relevant for teachers include: the creation of groups where you can let your classes practice, get assignments and take tests. Playlists can also be helpful especially for creating study lists.

Courtesy of Learning in Hand.

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